About us

Teeori (theeuh·ree) is coined with a core notion of helping people bring their ideas into life, anywhere at any moment. We strongly believe that T-shirt acts as a strong medium in transmitting message to dedicated audience; each personalized design comes with a concept/ “theory” to render certain information. In Teeori, we strive to provide a one stop platform from manufacturing to selling to anyone who has great ideas to share. To all the creators out there, do submit your idea here and watch how Teeori turns your idea into an opportunity.


No Money no worry
Start a business with 0 capital.
Track your sales at anywhere, anytime
Zeo Inventory
Not to worry about unsold stock.
We'll print your product after each sale using our state of the art technology
We treat each & every client as a separate brand to ensure that everything we do has you & your fan base in mind
Charitable giving
Choose selected NGO to give for every piece you sold in our platform.
We believe charity is the root of all good works
Hassle free shipping
All our orders are door to door service to ensure your customer receive orders happily